Don't Ask me Where Johnny is When Johnny's Been Drinking.

Acrylic & mixed media on archival mat board

32" x 30"


Don't ask me where Johnny's Been Drinking came from; I painted in the final details just before Christmas 2021. But I had originally roughed it out in October, the left half abstract, the right figurative. Then I studied it for a couple of months before finishing it. The angry woman anchored the piece from the start, along with the Arm reaching down from the sky with fireworks in its gloved hand. (The Arm is still mysterious to me--Vengeance is mine, saith the Furies?) But once I painted in Johnny in his Volkswagen, along with the three babies up in the nest, the upside-down Christmas tree hanging from the eaves and the missus's fiery glare made perfect sense.

Available unframed.